Method Anti-bacterial Bathroom Cleaner Water Mint 490ml

Put the hurt on dirt with method antibacterial water mint bathroom cleaner made with plant-based cleaning power.

There’s an anti-bacterial cleaner in town and it's made with plant-based cleaning power that's tough on soap scum and easy on surfaces, leaving behind a fresh scent and a smile. 

This bathroom cleaner is fresher than the fresh prince of bel air. it's minty cool with an invigorating sprig of spearmint in its lapel.

Our powerful cleaning products handle big messes beautifully, so leave the clean-up to us.

* made with plant-based cleaning power

* it's tough on grease and grime and easy on surfaces, so the only thing left is a sparkling sense of satisfaction

* wipes away tough grease and grime

* bottle (minus trigger) made from 100% recycled plastic (PCR)

* safe on most household surfaces

* delightful minty cool spearmint fragrance!

* cruelty-free. tested by people, not on animals