White Magic Eco Basics Dish Brush



Scrap your old plastic brushes and switch to this eco-friendly dish brush from White Magic. This unique cleaner has natural bristles that is tough enough to scrub away dirt from your everyday plates but is also light to make sure it will not scratch the surface of your delicate cookware. Minimise the use of plastics while keeping your kitchen clean with this dish brush made of sustainable materials.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy bristles brushes off tough residue but will not scratch or wear off your delicate cookware surfaces and coating
  • Large scrubbing head is tilted to reach tight corners of your pots and pans and works perfectly in washing up other dishware
  • Has a long, solid oak handle for comfortable grip and ease of use when washing up
  • Comes with an integrated hanging hole for convenient storage
  • Equip your kitchen with other eco-friendly cleaning tools from White Magic Eco Basics range