The Pink Stuff & Scrub Daddy Pack


Scrub Daddy and The Pink Stuff are the perfect duo. Both brilliant on their own, but put them together and they are unstoppable. With this Starter Pack you’ll get a Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy plus the entire range of The Pink Stuff. Scrub Daddy changes texture based on the temperature of water you are using. He is scratch-free on most surfaces and has been lab-tested to resist odours for up to eight weeks. The Pink Stuff is tough on stains, penetrates then removes grease and grime to leave surfaces shiny clean… all while using 100% natural cleaning particles.


  • Scrub Daddy Original 1 pack
  • Scrub Mommy Pink 1 pack
  • The Pink Stuff The Miracle Cleaning paste
  • The Pink Stuff The Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaner