Eraser Daddy 10 x (2pk)

  • 10x Eraser Side. Our tri-composite eraser is manufactured differently than traditional melamine. The end result? An eraser so strong it actually lasts over ten times longer than the competition

  • FlexTexture Side. A backing of Scrub Daddy’s exclusive foam adds structure and versatility. Use it to remove rough surface debris before erasing or simply tackle those other items on your to-do list in need of a scratch-free scrub.

  • A blend of FlexTexture Gems in every eraser adds scrubbing power

  • Crayon, pencil & marker. Walls should’nt tell more stories than the photos hanging on them. Thankfully, 10x makes it easy to undo the small signs of everyday wear like scuffs marks and even some not-so-small ones

  • Soap scum, dirt & stains. Use 10x in areas residue tends to reside like around the bathroom. Reveal a brilliantly bright clean on tile, porcelain, glass and laminate