Fabulosa Multi-Purpose Anti-Bac Spray - Pineapple & Coconut (500ml)


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Fabulosa Multi-Purpose & Ready to Use! Also Disinfects, Killing 99.9% of Bacteria & can be used all around the home! 

The Fabulosa Multi-purpose Anti-bacterial Spray is your new 'go to' spray. The ready to use formula cleans and disinfects, removing dirt and grime while eliminating odours and leaving surfaces with a beautiful clean shine.

With a variety of tantalising fragrances to choose from Fabulosa not only kills 99% of bacteria and viruses, it will also breathe new life into places you thought no longer possible, leaving a long lasting freshness

Fragrance - a wonderfully sweet pineapple fragrance with supporting notes of creamy coconut and hints of peach, orange and raspberry

How to use - Leave 5 Minutes for Complete Disinfection & Satisfaction