Scrub Daddy Duo Pack


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Scrub Daddy Duo pack

Scrub Daddy Magic Multi-Surface Cleaner is perfect for cleaning and degreasing almost all household surfaces. The safe formula can be used on most metals, plastics and fabrics around the house however we always recommend testing on a small area first.

Scrub Daddy - Original Scratch Free - Safe on non-stick pans, stainless steel & other delicate surfaces. Test a small area first

Dishwasher Safe - Rinses clean and can be sanitised in dishwasher

Deep Cleaning - Scrub Daddy's eyes provide an ergonomic grip with just two fingers to mould into corners and reach deep into cups

Versatile Smile - Scrub Daddy's smile clean both sides of your spoons, spatulas and other utensils

Add a caddy for $6.95