White Magic Eco Basics Bottle Brush



Cleaning your drink bottles and insulated mugs is made easy when you have White Magic Eco Basics Bottle Brush. Crafted with a long bamboo handle and recycled soft nylon bristles, this handy brush easily scrubs away coffee stains and dried powder from the corners and inside bottom of your bottles. No more excuse for not bringing your reusable drink bottle to work when you have the White Magic Eco Basics bottle brush.

Key Features:

  • Eco-friendly brush that makes cleaning drinking bottles easy
  • Features a long handle made of bamboo that lets you get down to the base of tall bottles
  • Soft bristles made of recycled nylon cleans all kinds of surfaces without scratching
  • Large round head compresses down to enter narrow bottles while the sturdy wire frame allows bending during use
  • Equipped with a hemp looped cord that makes storage easy anywhere
  • Also ideal for cleaning the inside of your glassware, pots, and pans