White Magic Eco Cloth Tea Towel 3 Pack - Neutral


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‌Make cleaning a breeze with the White Magic Eco Cloth Tea Towels. These towels' special combination of material absorbs and dries up to 4x faster than conventional cotton towels. Made from a blend of polyester and polyamide, these tea towels are light and soft using electro-static energy to attract dirt from surfaces with a capillary vacuum power to attract and hold dirt when it comes into contact with water. These eco-friendly tea towels are great for allergy sufferers and the environmentally friendly as they do not require the addition of strong cleaning chemicals for excellent cleaning results.  


  • Set of 3
  • Measures 70 x 50cm
  • Absorbent and will not leave smears, streaks or water marks
  • Dries 4x faster than a cotton tea towel
  • Lint free drying
  • Super reinforced stitching
  • Suitable to clean plates, cutlery, cookware or glass surfaces
  • Made from microfibre material that is delicate on surfaces
  • Hand wash recommended 
  • Avoid bleaching, tumble dry, drip dry, and using fabric softener